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Mobile Apps are old News!

Jun 30, 2020 2:51:41 PM / by Michael Kelleher

In 2013, it might have been a stretch to originate, manage, or communicate through an application on your mobile device, but in 2020 it is happening every day.  Almost 8 years has flown by and the shift in this conversation has been remarkable.  Today it isn’t about if mobile technology is relevant, but how much it impacts business.  How much does it impact borrowers?  How much does it increase efficiencies and communication?  No more ifs.   We have pitched, demoed, presented, and been to every mortgage conference all over the United States and the conversation has shifted. 

COVID-19 drove another shift into our business.  Now more than ever mortgage companies, loan officers, realtors, and borrowers are looking for supplemental and inclusive services and communication methods.  Mobile Technology is the solution.  While we have experienced considerable challenges with COVID-19 ourselves, we have also had a rare opportunity to re-enforce our passionate position about the power of mobile application in the mortgage industry.

According to the The Guardian, Apps emerged from early PDAs, through the addictively simple game Snake on the Nokia 6110 phone, to the first 500 apps in the Apple App Store when it made its debut in July 2008.  Five years later Easy Mortgage Apps LLC brought mobile to the mortgage industry and has consistently and feverishly worked to innovate this technology for mortgage lenders all over the United States. 

Our message today, the mobile App is old news.  The technology has never been better.  The opportunity has never been bigger.  The impact has never been more significant.  We encourage you to engage in this movement and meet your borrower’s expectations.  Provide the resources and technology that rely on every day, for almost everything they do.  The mortgage loan is one of the most important transactions a human being will ever do.  We are eager to help you integrate mobile into your technology stack.  The mobile app is old news.  The use case of the mobile application in the mortgage industry has never been more important in 2020. 


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Michael Kelleher

Written by Michael Kelleher

A 2020 Innovator of the Year by Progress in Lending. Chairman of the MMBA Technology Committee. A 40 under 40.

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